Primal Health Reviews

Primal Health is a wellness company dedicated to helping individuals reach their personal health goals and learn more about nutrition and fitness. Headquartered in Allen, TX, Primal Health offers publications and supplement products designed to provide customers with the knowledge and tools to succeed. Overall, Primal Health has reached 700,000 customers worldwide and hopes to reach much more as new growth opportunities arise.

Leadership Team

Primal Health was founded by Steve Gray. He handles day-to-day operations and creating a healthy work environment where everyone has the tools to succeed and the in-house buying team and optimizes marketing strategies to ensure Primal Health products can be found and accessed across the globe. Steve is supported by a talented team of individuals whose expertise lie in marketing, product development, regulatory affairs, customer service, web development, and more.


Primal Health publications and supplements were created and designed to address pressing health issues and educate the general public on blood pressure management, what affects blood sugar, gut health and how the microbiome affects overall health, maintaining cognitive health, healthy joints, longevity secrets, and more.

Primal Health publications feature research and writings from respected doctors, nutritionists, and researchers, including Dr. Marlene Merritt, Dr. Hugo Rodier, Dr. Eric Wood, Dr. Will Mitchell, and more. These experts use their years of research and practicing medicine to simplify complex medical topics and provide solutions to enable readers to achieve better health.

In addition to books, meal plan guides, and other publications, Primal Health also offers a variety of supplements that use high-quality branded ingredients that have been demonstrated to provide humans (not animals) with the support they need to optimize their health.  Primal Health reviews ingredients all of the time that will improve its line of supplement products.

This blog will focus on Primal Health products as well as general health topics. We hope to see you back soon!